Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Researching #62. Volunteer at the Children's Hunger Fund

So, I want to volunteer at the Children's Hunger Fund sometime soon. In 8th grade, our class went on a fieltrip to the Children's Hunger Fund and helped package food into boxes called Food Paks. This was a really memorable experience because after we finished packing food, the people that were I guess leading us for the day told us that our generosity is going to help tons of kids around the world. That made me feel really good, which is why i've been wanting to go back ever since. I've never had the chance to, though. I've never really looked into volunteering again, but i'm actually doing that right now on http://www.chfus.org. I'm also lucky that the CHF is really close to school and my house, so i'll have no problem getting there. To set a date for when I volunteer, I have to look at the Volunteer Specialist listing. I'm going to look more into this with some friends that might want to go as well. The more people, the better.

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