Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Growing Up

When I was in the process of writing my obituary, I really had to think about what I wanted in life. I had a really hard time writing it because I am a really indecisive person, and I just couldn't come to grasps with what I wanted out of life. I know some of my goals have changed, though. Back in freshman year, I had my mind set to attending Harvard Law School and becoming a lawyer. This had been my dream since I was in the third grade. However, in the beginning of sophomore year, I realized that I was no longer interested in this profession. I thought about what I really loved, about something I enjoyed doing. That something is math and science, too. I decided I would major in math or something. When I was writing my obituary, I had a decision to make. Did I want to become a chemical engineer, or an aerospace engineer? I literally sat in class researching about both careers, and ended up choosing aerospace because it was more appealing to me. Well, yeah. Nothing much has changed. I guess i've tried to become a "better" person and i'm still working on that. But really, nothing else has changed. I don't think it has. If I think of anything else i'll make sure to blog about it.

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