Monday, January 14, 2013


OKAY OKAY OKAY, so #88 is meet/see Pierce the Veil, and #17 is meet/see All Time Low. They have become to be two of my favorite bands and I really want to see them, like BAD. Well anyways, last week they announced that they were going on tour TOGETHER, along with two other bands, Mayday Parade and You Me At Six. I was soooo stoked when they I announced it because if I went, I would see 4 bands that I love but most importantly 2 of my FAVORITES. The day after they announced it, presale tickets were going to go on sale. I begged my mom to let me go because I would honestly break down if she didn't (not because i'm a whiny kid but because I would just be sad that I wouldn't see them). Welllllll she ended up letting me, or maybe I just secretly let myself go I don't know if that even made sense but yeah. The presale would start at 10 am. I got up at around 8 the next day and turned on my laptop and waited and waited and waited. I went on Tumblr and I saw that a lot of crazy fans were freaking out over the presale. Everyone wanted a ticket! The reason that presale was so awesome was because you could buy VIP meet and greet, and I mean c'mon, who doesn't want to meet their favorite bands? Anyways, I kept waiting until it was 10. About 5 minutes before the time came, I started to freak. What if I wasn't fast enough? What if what if what if. When it was 10, I refreshed the page, and GUESS WHAT. THE SITE CRASHED. I'm guessing there were too many people trying to access it at the same time. I pulled myself together and tried again. It worked! I added a ticket and a VIP meet and greet to my cart and checked out as fast as I could. I honestly had never typed so fast in my life. I bought the ticket and VIP meet and greet within two minutes and received my confirmation email at 10:02. I went back on the ticket site ( and refreshed the page. GUESS WHAT. THE TICKETS FOR THE SHOW I WAS GOING TO (in Hollywood) SOLD OUT. HOLY S***. I BOUGHT THEM IN TIME AND I WAS SO HAPPY AND I ALMOST CRIED AND OH MY GOSH I WAS GOING TO SEE PIERCE THE VEIL AND ALL TIME LOW AND MAYDAY PARADE AND YOU ME AT SIX AND ALSO MEET PIERCE THE VEIL ON MAY 9TH. I'M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW CAN YOU TELL? Okay well yeeah that's pretty much it. The only problem is that the concert is on a Thursday, a school day. Whatever though, if I miss school that day it would be totally worth it. Okay well yeah, bye.

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