Saturday, November 24, 2012

13. Meet Frank Ocean. (FAIL)

On November 24, 2012, the OF store re-opened. It was its 1 year anniversary and it was also Black Friday. Tyler the Creator tweeted that the store would open at 11 am and that there would be new merch. He also said that the whole gang (Odd Future) was going to be there. I knew i HAD to go. Frank Ocean might be there!!!! I went with my cousin Yahaira and Jerry at 7 am. The line wasn't that long (yet). As time went by, I couldn't stop thinking about the possibility of actually meeting Frank. He is probably my favorite singer. I have never seen him so I was really excited. 11 came and went and we were still in line. I don't know why, but the store ended up opening at 12:30 instead of 11. By then, the sun was out and shining, so everyone in line was practically dying, including us. Around 2:30, we reached the front of the line. There were still a few people in front of us though. I had heard some people saying that Frank was at the shop earlier, but I wouldn't believe it until I saw him. Well guess what? I was in line, just minding my own business, when I decide to turn my head to the entrance of the store. Frank Ocean was bending down to pick something up, I think. I was literally 2 feet away from him. I felt like I couldn't breathe. I'm not even exaggerating. I saw his face and I started crying because I was so happy. I was like, "OH MY GOSH IT'S FRANK OCEAN!!!" That's when people started pushing, and Frank disappeared into the store. At around 3, we finally got into the store. Frank wasn't there. I'm guessing he was in the back. I think he probably didn't come out anymore because he would have gotten trampled, or maybe he had left already, I don't know. Point is, I didn't see him anymore. But those 2 seconds that I laid eyes on him were the best 2 seconds on my life. I was really sad, but happy that I at least saw one of my idols.

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