Thursday, October 25, 2012

33. Go to AIDS walk.

Gaby, Cynthia, and others.
 Sunday, October 14, was the day of the Los Angeles Aids Walk. I found out about the walk because I'm in GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) at school, and we all planned to go. I ended up going with Sarai in her car. When we approached the location of the walk, we could already see the walkers walking towards the start line. There were so many people! After parking and walking around for a bit, we finally found the sign that said "VISA PRIDE", and saw some people and teachers from school. Shortly after that, the walk began. I was walking with my friends Cynthia and Gaby. We saw a few interesting things while we were walking. There was this guy who was supposedly Jesus, and he was holding up a sign that said "I DO SUPPORT GAY RIGHTS." I thought that was pretty cool. He walked all the way, too. We also say a few protesters I guess you can call them. They were on the side of the actual path of the walk and they were shouting, "Maybe you guys should stop walking and just read the bible instead!" One of them was holding up a sign that said, "STOP AIDS. STOP SINS." Those people honestly got me so mad. I just ignored them and kept walking while others were chanting Boooo! Anyways, we walked on and on and on. 'Til we finally reached the finish line. 6.2 miles! We were all so tired, but I know I felt great knowing I had walked for a good cause.
Finish line! :D

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